Dispute Resolution Serving the Greater Denver Area

What Is Mediation?

Meditation is an intervention in a dispute in order to assist parties in its resolution. The mediator is not a judge, nor an attorney.  She is a neutral party to gives the disputing parties the opportunity to hear the other parties misunderstandings and be heard by the opposing party.  The mediator assists parties to resolve their conflict on their own terms and to make choices to better future interactions with opposing parties.

How Does Mediation Work?

First, the mediator meets with each disputing party separately in order to discuss the presenting dispute from their perspective.  Then the Mediator meets with the second party and follows the same process.  Both parties meet together with the mediator for several sessions in hopes of outlining an agreement.

Neither party is forced into an agreement; instead, they formulate a solution that works best for everyone involved.  The mediator’s goal is to repair the relationships and resolve disputes.

Examples of Disputes We Mediate

  • Family business: family business can be fraught with tension as business associates are also family members or married to family members.  For example, leaving problems at the office are difficult when you’ll be attending a family celebration on the weekend.
  • Start up companies: transitions from small start ups to medium size companies often creates stress with employees as they redefine their roles.
  • Divorce: resolving major stumbling blocks in order to have a civil shared custody with children.  Shared Custody: finding a system to share the children which will nurture them and smooth over transitions from one parent’s home to the other’s.
  • Roommate Disputes
  • Elder Care: helping families divide resources and time to help with parents’ care.

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